Our Mission

To provide a rich and supportive education for powerful learners to develop the qualities to successfully pursue future opportunities, and the personal capacity for social and intercultural engagement.

Our Vision

Every student will graduate as an engaged global citizen to meet the challenges of a changing world.

Our Values

Distinction, Diversity, Respect

Our Principles

  • Creating a community of learners
  • Developing students intellectually, socially and morally
  • International learning
  • Ethical learning
  • A focus on quality
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The Norwood Morialta High School is committed to the provision of rich and diverse academic programs that meet the highest community expectations. The School is well aware of the range of financial circumstances of its families and seeks to strike a balance between affordability and the breadth and quality of its programs.

The Governing Council, which represents the parent body, has met and set the council approved contribution. This fee is carefully worked out to establish a base fee to provide an equitable curriculum. As parents/caregivers will realise, this is not an easy process and considerable time and effort is taken to ensure that we offer the most comprehensive curriculum for our students at the best possible cost.

The school fees are $805 for 2018. This is an increase of $5 on the 2017 fees. The school community was polled and voted for full collection of the school fees, which was approved by the Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Education and Child Development (refer to Education Act section 106A).

This means the whole $805 is compulsory.

The situation has not changed for families eligible for School Card (for more information phone 1800 672 758).

If families have not paid in full by the due date, we will assume you are making payments by regular instalments.  A suggested schedule is detailed below:

1st Instalment $285             - prior to 14 February 2018
2nd Instalment $260            - prior to 26 March 2018
3rd Instalment $260             - prior to 9 May 2018

If you have not commenced payment by 2nd Instalment date or have any outstanding invoices after 9 May 2018, these will be passed on to our debt collection agency, DECD Recovery Unit, to become part of the school’s debt collection process.

ID cards are issued in the first few weeks; cards issued in 2017 are valid until 28 February 2018. For other students school uniform is proof enough of student status for travel on buses. Once the new cards are issued the students will also use this as their identification when borrowing text books and books from the library.  This card should be carried with students at all times.

All School Card application forms for 2018 will be available from the school.  Families must apply each and every year at each school as your circumstances and criteria may have changed.  A copy of a School Card form will be enclosed for your convenience with the Statement at the start of 2018.

Parents are encouraged to apply online for school card.

We are aware that starting back to school can stretch family finances to the limit.  If you have special circumstances, or need further clarification, we urge you to contact Fran Millard (via email Fran.Millard456@schools.sa.edu.au) or refer to the instalment form which will accompany the invoice in January 2018.

The Building Fund is a great way to both assist the school in planning and developing building programs as well as being a Tax Deduction for families.  In this age of progressive eTechnology and eBooks there is still one item that remains valuable as a reflection on their school year for students and that is the Year Book, so don’t forget to order your copy for 2018.

Staff will return to school middle of January to do a financial end of year roll over and printing of the 2018 Invoices for families. Families can expect to receive these and other relevant forms or information during the week commencing Monday 22 January 2018.

Please note the opening times below for the payment of school fees prior to the start of the school year.

The Payment of fees for all year levels can be made on either campus.

Monday          22/1/2018       8.30am – 3.00pm
Tuesday         23/1/2018       8.30am – 3.00pm
Wednesday    24/1/2018       CLOSED
Thursday       25/1/2018       8.30am – 3.00pm
Friday            26/1/2018       AUSTRALIA DAY

Families are welcome to come and pay during the times shown. If you have not received your invoice in the mail by a date you wish to come and pay we will still be able to process your payment.


1. Online                                  online payments        . 

2. Phone                                  Credit card at your convenience on 8364 2299 (press 3 Finance) any school day from 8am to 3.30pm.  
                                               We accept MasterCard and Visa.

3. Post:                                    Cheque/money/postal order for students on both campuses can be made out to: The Norwood Morialta High 
                                               School, Finance Department and posted to: PO Box 180, Magill 5072

4. In person:                           For students on both campuses at the Middle or Senior Campus on dates shown below, including applying for
                                               school card.  Cash, cheque, money/postal order, credit card and EFTPOS are available.

5. Direct Debit:                       A Direct Debit by instalment option will be available for families at the start of the year. Payment by instalment form  



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