Our Uniform

We remind parents/caregivers/homestays and students on choosing this school that they undertake to support the school in its expectation that all students will wear the correct school uniform. Their appearance is to be neat, clean and the uniform worn in a conventional manner at all times.

Uniform Guidelines

2021 Price List

The wearing of other garments will be seen as incorrect uniform and therefore unacceptable.

  • For safety, correct school shoes must be worn. This means plain black, hard leather or leather look school shoes covering the foot (Heels, boots, sneakers, canvas shoes, slip-ons are not permitted.)
  • Due to WH&S regulations school shoes must also have solid firm soles.
  • Sneakers, shoes with exposed tops, shoes made with canvas or fabric are not acceptable shoes.
Dresses and Skirts
  • are expected to be knee length and hems should not be shortened after purchase.
  • Students are permitted to have a single piercing in each ear only with a simple stud or sleeper and NO other visible piercings
  • Finger rings – one only
  • No necklaces are to be worn
  • Bracelets are not permitted (Medic-Alert is the exception)
General Rules
  • No visible make-up is to be worn.
  • Fingernails are not to be painted, but may have a clear finish.
  • Acrylic or false nails are not permitted for safety reasons.
  • Hair must be neat, clean and worn in an appropriate style. Hair colour must be one colour and of a natural tone.
  • Facial hair which is neat and trimmed is permitted – it is expected that the transition from clean shaven to neat trimmed facial hair will occur during a term holiday break.
  • The wearing of any additional visible top under the school uniform is not permitted.
  • Socks are NOT to be worn over tights.
  • Tights are NOT to be worn under shorts.
  • navy with school logo
Necessary school hair accessories
  • must be plain navy, yellow, or red.

Uniform Management Services is the only authorised supplier of Norwood Morialta High School uniforms and as such you are ensured of being supplied with the correct uniform items.

See Uniform Management Services website for online ordering.

Uniform Management Services – Firle Store
Shop 1 B, 161-167 Glynburn Road,
Firle, SA, 5070

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