At Norwood Morialta High School we recognise that learning takes place in many ways and encourage our students to develop and grow their individual skills, connections and talents through their involvement in a range of extra-curricular activities.

Co-Curricular Sports:

  • Athletics
  • Australian Rules Football, Soccer, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Cricket, Volleyball
  • Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Pedal Prix
  • Skilled coaches are employed to develop skill sets and teamwork.

Other co-curricular activities:

  • Student leadership (including as House Leaders, Peer Leaders, Plan for the Planet Mentors and International Ambassadors)
  • In-school student clubs (eg Culture Club, International Student Club, Environmental Club, Chess, Book Club)
  • Debating, Public Speaking, Mock Trials, Australian Business Week Program
  • The annual Young Leaders Canberra Trip and Ski Trip
  • Music – Senior and Junior String Orchestra, Big Band, Drum Corps – students from our co-curricular ensembles regularly participate in both the ABODA and Generations in Jazz festivals.
  • International outbound sister school trips and cultural tours
  • Biennial Musical and Shortcuts Film Festival
  • Tournament of Minds (thinking skills) team
  • Social action groups, humanitarian projects and community service learning opportunities (eg Purple Day, Walk for a Mile, Relay for Life, Red Shield Appeal)
  • Academic competitions and activities

Band tours, Ski trips, Cultural tour to Canberra, World Challenge and Environmental projects also add adventure to the curriculum, where students learn to respect the natural environment, develop a deeper understanding of cultural diversity, foster friendships and self-confidence. Business-minded students are supported to develop their entrepreneurial skills and connect with mentors through the inspiring Australian Business Week and University of Adelaide’s Shark Tank programs.

The school will be providing opportunities for students to participate in short-term study tours to Japan, USA and Italy in 2019 and also to Greece, China, Germany and USA in 2020 to develop language and cultural proficiencies. In 2018 NMHS students were invited to represent SA at a Global Summit in Japan. These students, along with other student leaders and staff, are currently planning our own 2019 Global Summit from 24 – 31 March. Additionally, the NMHS Plan for the Planet Club presented their environment plan for South Australia at an international conference in Mauritius in November 2018.

The annual Shortcuts Film Festival, drama and music performances, art exhibitions and the impressive biennial Musical have earned admiration and are a highlight of the school’s cultural life. The school community looks forward to the ‘Sound of Music’ Musical performance in 2019.

Students also participate on the sporting field and are highly successful in Inter-school competitions, including but not limited to athletics, soccer, cricket, volleyball, rowing, basketball, football and netball. In addition, from time to time, NMHS competes in Knock-Out and other external competitions.

The school has a strong rowing program and introduced a specialist subject and class (in Years 8 and 9) in 2016. The school participates in the South Australian Rowing Association regattas held at West Lakes and on the River Torrens, on Saturdays during Terms 4 and 1. Training is conducted on the River Torrens, from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, two afternoons per week. The school competes in the prestigious Head of the River competition and other regattas. In addition, the school also has a very successful Pedal Prix Team and is a strong contender in local races during Terms 2 and 3, including the 24-hour Murray Bridge event. Both of these programs have a high degree of parental involvement.

Inter-house competitions including sporting, creative and critical thinking competitions are promoted at lunch-times, along with engagement in a range of club programs.

Needless to say, there is something for every student to develop their interests and passions!