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Sister School Exchanges and Overseas Cultural

Norwood Morialta High School students may participate in a number of overseas tours. These include a long standing sister school exchange with Takahashi High School in Japan, and cultural tours to Italy, Greece and China.


Takahashi Sister School exchange was established in 1991. Every “even” year, Takahashi High School students and staff from Japan visit NMHS, and every “odd” year, NMHS visits Takahashi.

In 2014 we will be calling for families to host one of the students from Takahashi. As this is a reciprocal exchange, it is anticipated that the families of students who wish to participate in the return exchange trip to Japan in 2015, will become a Homestay Family for the 2014 students.

Information Sessions will be held shortly.


Every 2 years a Language and Cultural tour to Italy is arranged. This involves a fourteen day organised tour taking in the sights of Rome, Venice, etc.

Currently, planning is underway to establish a sister school in Italy where students will be involved in a reciprocal exchange, similar to the Takahashi arrangements.

A group of 5 students from Milano will be visiting in June and we will be seeking Homestay Families to host these students.


Watch this space for upcoming tour.


Watch this space for upcoming tour.

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