striving for excellence, aiming for personal best.


understanding, celebrating and respecting cultural and linguistic differences.


consideration for the rights and beliefs of others and valuing oneself.

International Student Enrolment Procedure

Information about the International Student Programs is available through the South Australian Government Schools – Department for Education and Child Development in South Australia – International Student Program website.

Website: www.internationalstudents.sa.edu.au

If you wish to write for more information, the address is:

International Education Services
GPO Box 1152

Telephone:      + 61 8 8226 3402

Fax:                 + 61 8 8226 3655

Email:               decs.isp@sa.gov.au

Further information and Enrolment Application forms (available in a variety of languages).

NOTE:     If you have a VISA other than a 571 (Student Study Visa), then you should make your enquiries directly to the Norwood Morialta High School.

Email:              dl.0787.info@schools.sa.edu.au

Telephone:    + 61 8 8365 0455          For Years 8 – 10

                      + 61 8 8364 2299          For Years 11 – 12 



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