striving for excellence, aiming for personal best.


understanding, celebrating and respecting cultural and linguistic differences.


consideration for the rights and beliefs of others and valuing oneself.


Norwood Morialta High School has one of the best international environments in a South Australian school.

Our Core Values of Distinction, Diversity and Respect are reflected in all aspects of the International Programs offered at the school:

  • We offer a high quality teaching and learning environment. The school is noted for its high academic success.
  • Our international programs include excellent English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) and Languages courses in Chinese, German, Greek, Italian and Japanese.
  • With students from over 85 different cultural backgrounds in the school we offer not only an Australian experience but a truly international one. International students quickly feel comfortable as there is almost always someone who speaks their language.
  • We offer a wide range of opportunities for students to participate in sporting and cultural activities which develop an understanding of others.

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