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Personal Project Marking Day @ MC

Year 10 students have been working on some exciting personal projects over the past six months.

Year 10 Personal Project teachers will be taking part in a moderation and marking day to carefully assess these major projects.

As a result, all Year 10 students will participate in a home based study program on Monday 22 July.

The home based program has been designed to allow students the opportunity to commence the next stage of their Personal Learning Plan – a compulsory subject for the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). Students must pass this subject in order to gain their final certificate of education in Year 12 and it is best completed in Year 10. Students will be expected to continue working on their second task for the Personal Learning Plan.

The components of the Personal Learning Plan and the expectations of students for Monday 22 July will be explained through the PLG program and made available over Daymap for all students. Students will also have access to the Moodle page for the Personal Learning Plan 2019, which provides them with additional instructions and information around the upcoming Personal Learning Plan tasks.

If a student has not submitted the Personal Project ready for marking they will be required to attend school and spend the day working on the Personal Project and once completed, the Personal Learning Plan. Families will be advised if their student is required to attend school on Monday 22 July.

If you have any further queries regarding the day, contact Chris Robinson on 8365 0455 or via email at Christopher.Robinson35@schools.sa.edu.au.