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Governing Council Meeting @ 6.30pm SC

Dear Parents/Caregivers

All are invited to attend this meeting where a decision will be made as to the setting of the Materials Services Fee.  In addition, we will be seeking the full recovery of the Materials and Services fees.  If supported, a polling letter will be sent to all families.

Details of proposed fees can be found here. If you have any queries please call on 83642299.

Whilst NMHS is setting the M&S Fees for 2021 at $870 per student, there is a need to budget and plan for actual operating costs which include maintaining and replacing equipment, machinery and other resources. The true cost per student to maintain the current level of operations is $4,255.59.  A breakdown of this amount is available upon request.

In lieu of attendance at the Governing Council meeting, parents can express their views in writing to the Chairperson via email – dl.0787.info@schools.sa.edu.au.

Sandra Mestros
Chair, Governing Council