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To provide a rich and supportive education for powerful learners to develop the qualities to successfully pursue future opportunities, and the personal capacity for social and intercultural engagement.

Our Vision

Every student will graduate as an engaged global citizen to meet the challenges of a changing world.

Our Values

Distinction, Diversity, Respect

Our Principles

  • Creating a community of learners
  • Developing students intellectually, socially and morally
  • International learning
  • Ethical learning
  • A focus on quality
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Design and Technology

Design & Technology involves students learning by doing.

Design & Technology is a practical application of many other areas of the curriculum. It is the means by which people turn ideas into reality.

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   Technology helps students develop skills, particularly in communicating ideas and information;
   planning and organising activities; working with others and in teams; solving problems; using

   The major role of technology education is to prepare students to be creative, independent
   thinkers, able to approach tasks in an organised manner, work cooperatively in sharing ideas
   and resources and to be confident to tackle any new problems or issues that arise.  The
   technology processes and content provide the knowledge, skills and experience for this to occur.



Students will

  • Analyse and appraise new and old technologies, their impacts, benefits and negative outcomes.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of their finished product and systems.
  • Make responsible and constructive critical examinations of designs—past, present and future.


Students will

  • Use and practise a range of design skills.
  • Select and appropriately use a variety of processes, tools and equipment when designing.
  • Practise using 2D and 3D forms of communication to convey their designs to others.
  • Record and manage information/ideas they have collected in presenting their design solutions to others.


Students will

  • Be familiar with and able to select and use a range  of materials and systems to satisfy design requirements.
  • Be aware of the safe use of tools, equipment and materials and minimising effects on the environment.
  • Develop skills in working individually and cooperatively in flexible work teams.


Design and Technology is a compulsory unit at Year 8. Students will have five 50 minute Design and Technology lessons each week for a semester.

Our students’ lessons are rotated through our facilities; based around using wood, metal and plastics materials during the semester.

Design and Technology involves students learning about the designing process, materials, information, and systems. This means that students will learn to solve problems using technology.

Information is conveyed by writing and drawing. Information is researched from books and electronic media such as the Internet.

Systems include pneumatics, electricity/electronics, cams, levers and structures.

YEAR 9 and 10

Students at Years 9 and 10 are able to choose areas of Technology to work in. All the programs are a semester in length, but students may choose a number of different programs during the year.

Options at Year 9 include:

  •        Woodwork
  •        Metalwork
  •        Flashing Plastics (Electronics)
  •        Jewellery Design
  •        Technical Graphics (& CADD)

 Options at Year 10 include:

  •        Woodwork
  •        Advanced Woodwork
  •        Metal Fabrication
  •        Electronic Systems
  •        Photographic Imaging
  •        Automotive Studies
  •        Computer Aided Design / Drafting (CADD)
  •        Marine & Fishing Technology

 YEAR 11 and 12

Programs in the Senior Campus have more of a vocational flavour.

Subjects offered include:

  •        Computer Aided Design and Drawing (CADD)
  •        Outdoor Construction
  •        Digital Photography
  •        Electronics
  •        Marine and Fishing Technology
  •        Automotive Studies
  •        Furniture Design & Construction.
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