Our Mission

To provide a rich and supportive education for powerful learners to develop the qualities to successfully pursue future opportunities, and the personal capacity for social and intercultural engagement.

Our Vision

Every student will graduate as an engaged global citizen to meet the challenges of a changing world.

Our Values

Distinction, Diversity, Respect

Our Principles

  • Creating a community of learners
  • Developing students intellectually, socially and morally
  • International learning
  • Ethical learning
  • A focus on quality
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The study of English aims to develop the skills to use language in context as a vehicle for thought, reflection, self-expression and social interaction.

In line with the IBMYP & National Curriculum students will engage with a variety of both literary and non-literary works to develop critical, creative and personal responses to studying and analysing texts. The range of literary texts includes Australian literature, including Indigenous literature, world literature and texts fromAsia. These are drawn from classic and contemporary texts, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, film, multi-modal, media and digital texts. Students will develop the skills involved in listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and presenting in a variety of contexts.

The middle campus English curriculum aims to prepare students for success in the senior years of schooling as well as equip when with the written and oral skills to participate meaningfully in life beyond school.


Students will be encouraged

To be independent readers and to enjoy printed, electronic and media texts
To write clearly and accurately, creatively and thoughtfully
To practise and develop the skills of speaking and listening
To make links between texts and their own experience


At the middle campus level, English is taught in mixed ability classes to encourage interaction and communication across a wide range of interests and capabilities.

At each year level, from years 8—10 there is a literacy focus aimed at progressively developing students awareness of a variety of text types and language use, thereby increasing their knowledge of written and oral communication techniques.

Students engage in a variety of learning tasks which develop both creative and analytical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to become independent, life-long learners.

At the senior campus all Year 11 students are required to study English, English Pathways, Literacy for Work and Community Life or English as a Second Language (ESL) as part of their SACE pattern of studies.  We offer English, a more literature based course for those students who are considering continuing with their English at Stage 2 and the more practical based English Pathways for those who need to consolidate basic skills and competence in language use.  At Year 12, or Stage 2, English is optional and we offer both the English Studies course, which is externally examined and the publicly assessed course, English Communications and English Pathways. 

Students on both campuses have an excellent opportunity to enhance their skills in logic, argument and oral presentation by volunteering to join the Debating Club which enters teams at all year levels in the South Australian Debating Association interschool competition. 

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