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understanding, celebrating and respecting cultural and linguistic differences.


consideration for the rights and beliefs of others and valuing oneself.

World Challenge expedition to Cambodia & Vietnam

Norwood Morialta is delighted to announce that we are launching a very exciting program which offers students the opportunity to plan, fund and lead their own expedition to Cambodia and Vietnam.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students looking to do something meaningful with their peer group and have the adventure of a lifetime!

The expedition is preceded by a training and preparation program, during which students play a major role in planning their own itinerary which will include;

·         Project work in a local community

·         A challenging trek.

·         Rest and Relaxation

Students are also supported in setting and achieving individual and team fundraising goals to help cover the cost of the expedition program, where on average, students raise the majority of the total program cost.

The 4 week expedition will be departing at the end of 2018 and returning in time for Christmas.

We would like to invite you and your son or daughter to a presentation delivered by Dan Ryan, Regional Manager with the World Challenge team who will discuss the benefits of the program, the fundraising support and safety back-up they provide, and how they deliver a fun, rewarding, and safe experience.

·       Date:             Tuesday 7 February

·       Time:             6:30pm

·       Venue:          Middle Campus Lecture Theatre

Please RSVP by replying to Jade Clifford (jade.clifford210@schools.sa.edu.au) with the name of your son or daughter and the number of guests attending in total.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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