striving for excellence, aiming for personal best.


understanding, celebrating and respecting cultural and linguistic differences.


consideration for the rights and beliefs of others and valuing oneself.

Student Voice

SRC japanese garden
The Norwood Morialta High School is committed to student voice.  The Student Council is a forum in which students can raise and discuss any matters which are of concern to them.

It is also the formal opportunity to influence decision making in the school.

There is a Student Council on each campus, each with their own executive and representative membership but regularly there are combined meetings at which issues of joint concern are discussed and action taken. 

SRC members will

  • Have the responsibility of representing their fellow students on School Council and on other committees
  • Be expected to provide leadership for their peers
  • Act as a role model for other students and as an ambassador for the school
  • Have an opportunity to develop significant leadership skills
  • Learn about the operation of committees and the initiation and management of change.

The members of the Student Council are elected by ballot. The Presidents and Executive will be elected by the Student Council itself, from within its own membership.

Over the past several years there has been a formal SRC induction ceremony, as well as a training and planning day.




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