striving for excellence, aiming for personal best.


understanding, celebrating and respecting cultural and linguistic differences.


consideration for the rights and beliefs of others and valuing oneself.

Old Scholars

Welcome Old Scholars! Whether your roots lie with The Norwood High School, The Morialta High School or The Norwood Morialta High School we know that your memories would be fond and positive ones.  

The Old Scholars Association (OSA) has an active committee which meets once a month to plan and organize events and fundraisers, and provides past scholars with the opportunity to make an important contribution to the history of our school.

Please continue to check the website regularly for upcoming events and information and don’t hesitate to contact the committee with any further enquires.

We would love to see more people become members of the OSA. The OSA is a wonderful opportunity to meet and establish new contacts and friendships, whilst upholding the proud history of our school.

Tanya Parhas

Membership Form

Morialta High School Reunion 1975-1992

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